Glorious Gloriana

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Sports-alive photography was commissioned by Pangbourne College on behalf of the Old Pangbournian society to capture the Centenary row of Gloriana down the Regatta course. This was on finals day at the Henley Royal Regatta (HRR), and the large crowd on the banks saw the Gloriana bathed in sunshine progress gently down the course rowed by a crew of Old boys. All the crew had either rowed at HRR, or at National level before, but this was their debut in a Tudo row barge!

Merrick Rayner,  the OP society chairman wrote ““Sunday July 2nd was a brilliant day with even the weather doing its bit – a classic Henley day. It was good to see the brainchild of Anna Sterling (00-01) come to fruition with her father, Lord Sterling, so kindly agreeing to let the Pangbourne rowing fraternity row the royal barge  Gloriana down the Henley course in celebration of our centenary. We are also indebted to the Chairman of Henley Royal Regatta, Sir Steve Redgrave, for giving permission for this to take place after the final race of the regatta.”

To be able to take these great on-water shots of the Barge as it was rowed down the river, I was abord the beautifully restored Dunkirk little ship MB278, which is owned by the college. Negotiations with the Environment Agency had given the little ship permission to escort the Gloriana during the rowpast, and some priority over the busy regatta traffic on the river.

The final ½ mile saw me on the foredeck of the little ship, and able to get the iconic photo of the Gloriana being rowed past Stewards towards Henley bridge.


Shooting from the foredeck of MB278

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