Pangbourne College Classic Car show

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A stunningsunny day saw the 2nd edition of the Classic Car show at Pangboune college, in their Centenary year. More than 2,000 people visited the show.  There were 190 vintage, classic and rare cars in attendance alongside their proud owners. Among the 190 cars we were lucky enough to have a 1917 Model T Ford which was built at the same time the College was founded.

A new annual trophy was kindly offered for ‘Most Interesting Car’ by Mr Peter Blond who exhibited at last year’s show. Mr. Blond, who works for Sotheby’s in London and has a knowledge of classic cars that is second to none.  As expected, judging such a vast array of such different and individually exceptional cars was no mean feat but after much deliberation, the judging panel awarded the trophy to Mr Alan Briant’s Morris 8 built in 1937

Mr Alan Briant’s Morris 8

A 1959 Britol Teardrop in front of the Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel

Lamborghinis greeted the visitors at the entrance to the college.

Anoushka Williams‏ from BBC Berkshire broadcasting live from a Lamborghini

The Images

All the pictures we took on the day are published in our Gallery here

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