Portrait of an Ironman

gareth Commercial, Corporate

A good friend of mine, Andy Tucker, recently qualified for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in Chatanooga. Thanks to the support of his friends, and also some very generous sponsorship from his employer B.Braun Andy managed to realise his dream and competed in the race at the begining of the month.

I originally thought that we might be able to fit in a photoshoot before the race, but that proved impossible. So last week saw us on Greenham Common, doing a mix of Action and posed shots trying to capture some fo the energy and enthusiasm that Andy showed on the day. You can read more about his experience on his own blog here. These will give Andy another memento of a great day, and also allow him to supply his very generous employer with some professional quality images of him with his gear emblazoned with their logos.

Most of these shots were lit using either a single, or pair of Pika 200 flashguns combined with a Pixapro 60cm octbox and a Magmod grid for the backlights. The action shots used a single SB-900 on camera, and a great deal of nerve as Andy came very close (and it seemed even closer looking through a 14mm lens)

Interested in a shoot like this for you or an athlete/sportsperson you know. We can setup a action portrait shoot either outdoors or indoors, with or without specialist equipment. Get in touch with Sports-alive and we can discuss the possibilities

More images from the day